One-Day Scriptwriting Workshop

We offer an “ Introduction to Scriptwriting “ one-day workshop which is geared toward first time scriptwriters. If you’ve always wanted to write a short or a feature but were unsure how to go about it then this is the opportunity for you.


Workshop Highlights:

Create a clear direction for you first script

Small size, maximum 7 participants

Feedback on your first draft after the fact

Location: Ottawa

Venue: CoWorkly, 261 Montreal Rd #310

Date: Nov. 16, 2019.  1 pm to 5 pm

Cost: $ 75

Please email or call to reserve your spot and find out about payment options.

Workshop Outline

Step 1 This sounds like a good idea…

Evaluate your idea. Would it make a good script? Explore the criteria of a good idea.


Step 2 Does it have legs?

Committing to your idea and why you want to write it?


Step 3 Building the Skeleton

Fleshing out the various aspects of your script from character to genre specifics.


Step 4 The Hero

Pluses, pitfalls, stakes, archetypes, back-story.


Step 5 The Villain

Back-story, redeeming qualities.


Step 6 Dissecting the Wee Beastie

Structure, 3 act structure in tv and film.


Step 7 Beat it! Beat it some more!

Using beats to summarize the story and using them creatively.


Step 8 The Fun Bit!

Writing the script. Tips and tricks.


Step 9 Bring the Hammer Down!

Making editing fun – woohoo!


Step 10 What’s next?

What to do after the first draft? After the final draft?

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