We love film! And we know you do too!.

Perhaps you often find yourself saying, “ I think I could write an incredible film or tv script but I don’t know how. “ Or “  I can’t afford the time or money to go to film school but I’m not going to let that be an obstacle. “

First of all, stop talking to yourself – weirdo!

Just kidding!  Talking to oneself is said to be a sign of intelligence.


We at Troubadour think you can write an incredible film script and we can provide the basics and the background to get you writing with our one on one mentoring or our one-day workshop or both. If you’ve already written a script and want advice then our consultants can help you out one on one.


Our main script mentor has been writing since the first season of the “ X-Files “ aired! Yes he’s that old and talks to himself but he’s got a tonne of experience! He’s written 20 scripts, written and produced two radio plays for the CBC and sold a television episode to a children’s show. He’s also a filmmaker with 18 films under his belt and he’s currently shooting a documentary.

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